ELASSTIC - Enhanced Large scale Architecture with Safety and Security Technologies and special Information Capabilities

The overall objective of the ELASSTIC project is to improve the safety, security and resilience of large scale multifunctional building complexes to natural and man-made disasters by providing a methodology and tools which enable to include security and resilience from the early design and planning phase of such projects.

Validation (Proof of Concept) of the approach and developed tools will be done by evaluating the design of a multifunctional (housing, shopping centre, transport node, business centre and museum), resilient, large scale urban complex (anno 2020) called the ELASSTIC complex. The complex will not only be secure and resilient to disasters, it will also be designed to ensure fast and efficient evacuation in case of a disaster.

The ELASSTIC project followed approach is explained in a Prezi presentation and a video.

In the summer of 2016 the ELASSTIC project has come to its end. After three years of hard work by all partners of the consortium some great results have been achieved. These results are to be found on this website. Please use the following navigation to find what you are looking for:


ELASSTIC Results per partner

To give you a quick impression of the results, we show you the individual results/contributions per partner:

The ELASSTIC BIM concept by TNO
Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) methodology

BIM > a foundation for analyses

The design process


Schlüssler Plan
Hazard Scenario Evaluation for Earthquakes

Explosion testing of a smart element
Tool for explosion assessment

Crowd Control inside Building



ELASSTIC Project Finalized
Final ELASSTIC Workshop


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312632 

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