Explosion testing of a smart element by EMI


  • Improve the security and resilience of large scale multifunctional building complexes to natural and made-disasters
  • Smart and reinforced building elements, to measure the actual buidling condition combined with an increased bearing capacity and resistance

Concept & Goals of smart elements

  • Concept: Sandwich-construction (inner core in r/c with protective layer in high performance concrete)

  • Goals:
    • Increase of structural resistance of load bearing elements
    • Reduction of damage in case of extreme loadings
    • As low monetary effort as possible
    • Practicable in fabrication
    • Applicable with elements of WSN, easy integration of the sensors

Basic information about the Explosion testing of smart elements

  • Smart element as sandwich construction (reinforced conventional concrete + FR-UHPC)
  • Test under dynamic loads: explosion scenario of a car bomb/ suitcase bomb
  • Charge is located in the center of the smart element
  • After explosion test: Determination of the residual load bearing capacity



ELASSTIC Project Finalized
Final ELASSTIC Workshop


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312632 

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