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  • Full name: Enhanced Large scale Architecture with Safety and Security Technologies and special Information Capabilities
  • Acronym: ELASSTIC
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start date: 1 May 2013
  • Total budget: 5.29 M€
  • EC Funding: 3.47 M€

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Expected outcome

In short, the expected outcome of the project will include:

  • A comprehensive/systematic approach and tools to design safe, secure and resilient large scale building complexes
  • Extended BIM technology (BIM+). These extended features will include:
  1. Coupling and integration with hazard consequence tool
  2. Coupling and integration with MCA tool
  3. Coupling and integration with BMS protocols and data files
  4. Extensive data logging functions
  5. Standardized delivery mechanism for data validation
  • The development of smart and reinforced structural elements
  • The development of a resilience monitoring system capable of real time assessment of the reliability of the structural integrity (of part) of the large scale building complex infrastructure based on data/measurements from wireless sensors. This includes a tool to relate the recorded load to residual functionality. 
  • The development of a blue print of a Smart Evacuation System based on hazar scenarios, plans, real time data from wireless sensors and controllable actuators. This includes:
  1. A tool to import data on damage and residual functionality as well as general information on the number of people and storage in BMS
  2. A procedure to combine this BMS data with the extended BIM data and output of an evacuation model
  3. A procedure to satisfy legal and ethical guidelines and legislation on privacy and data collection related to occupant registration and tracking
  • A validation of the developped integral design approach, extended BIM technology, models, tools and smart evacuation system by a design of an interactive 3D model of a safe, secure and resilient building complex (the ELASSTIC complex)
  • Recommendations for policy makers for preparing a regulatory framework to include resilient based design methods and tools in the design process for specific classes of large scale building complexes

Validation (Proof of Concept) of the approach and developed tools will be done by evaluating the design of a multifunctional (housing, shopping centre, transport node, business centre and museum), resilient, large scale urban complex (anno 2020) called the ELASSTIC complex. The complex will not only be secure and resilient to disasters, it will also be designed to ensure fast and efficient evacuation in case of a disaster.

Public reports which have been written during the project are to be found at Downloads.




ELASSTIC Project Finalized
Final ELASSTIC Workshop


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312632 

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