The topic of the ELASSTIC-project is how to design safe, secure and resilient large building complexes. Validation of the envisaged approach and developed tools will be done by means of the design of the ELASSTIC-complex.
The main objectives of tasks 1.2 and 1.3 are choice of a representative location, size of the complex and program of the complex.

The first aim was to look for a representative location, as the goal of the project is to develop a design process, which is applicable in all locations in the European Union as well as around the world. It was clear that all representative hazards would not occur in any one location, therefore the proposal was put forward to find a location with many expected hazards and simulate the not expected hazards.

Secondly the complex had to fulfill certain programmatic requirements to allow for complex and representative hazard and escape scenarios. In our case the choice was made for a mixed program with various public and private functions.
A chosen location should allow for high-rise building and large groups of people should be present as well as passing through.

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